Capriana Commercial Work

Capriana Zamora, 9, is our littlest photographer for commercial product and advertising. Don't let her age or size fool you though, Capriana wanted to turn her passion into a real job opruitiunity and with your help we can make that happen. Capriana's been given an excellent opportunity to make her idea a real business. Her goal is to pay this forward by offering new, start up, or small businesses an opportunity to get the most bang possible with their often limited advertising budget. New business owners often have a great idea for their new business but often by the time they finish stocking merchandise, hiring help, renting space, paying for licenses and other fees, the cookie jar is very low on funds. Hiring a professional, experienced, mature photographer might be several months away. By contracting Capriana's services she is able to provide professional high quality images of your products so that they can be incorporated into your social media and other advertising media. As she is mentored by the highly successful photography team of Zamora Photography, the client will continue to get great service and images that will appeal to your customers. It's the perfect opportunity to set your new business up for success.

01 / 08