Meet the Team

Bree Zamora: Head of Operations

Bree has amazing attention to detail not only when it comes to business, but in her photography as well. Bree fell in love with photography at a young age. She is a business coach, excellent instructor and not afraid to roll her sleeves up and do work!

Joe Zamora: Lead Photographer

Joe was born in Texas and raised right here in eastern NC. He loves serving his community and you can find him volunteering at the hospital with his giant dog- Wookie.

Savannah:Exravert Extraordinaire

Savannah is the newest addition to Team Zamora but you would never know that. She has jumped right in and made a huge impact on our studio. Savannah is your point of contact to schedule shoots, questions for school images and anything else!


Cappie: Budding Entreprenuer

This 4th grader takes many of our commercial images! If you are just starting out and need stock photography- she is your girl. When she isn't shooting with us you can find her on the mats at CXBJJ (Jujitsu).

Carmen : Master of Words

Carmen is a Texas native and is Joe's mother. She has been traveling the United States for the past decade! Her hours on the road give her inspiration for our blog postings.