Welcome to the Team, Capriana!

Capriana Zamora, 9, is our photographer for commercial product and advertising. She started her education with Montessori school, then attended a Catholic private school, she did a few months of public school but the session was interrupted by a hurricane. She then did a year of virtual school. Now she has advanced to 4th grade and is attending the split session of public school with partial virtual schooling.

As a daughter of Zamora Photography owners, Joe and Bree, she has been in a studio her entire life. She has been watching and learning how to interact with clients from a young age. I'm reminded of the time I called her to video chat. She answered in a soft voice and said, "We have to talk softly or I'll have to hang up because my mom is with a client." I said ok but then laughed really loud. "She said that's why I can't talk to you when we have clients because you lose control." She was only 4 at the time, but she already knew that when a client was in studio, that attention to them came first.

At about this same age, she would often share her dreams of being a business owner. She could play for long periods of time pretending to be a restaurant owner, pet shop owner, a baker, or a dress shop owner. Her play time included making price lists for her merchandise, menus, and managing inventory.

At age 7, I asked her if she had trouble sleeping at night. She responded that she did but she had a trick for getting over it. When I asked her to share her trick with me, she said, "I think about the mall I want to own. Then I think about all the shops that I will need for the mall. I have to decide the kind of people that will work there and who will come to the shop. I have to figure out how to sell the things in the mall so I can buy more things."

Capriana Zamora

Set Up to Win

Capriana's biography isn't unlike many other children today. She's grown up video chatting, playing, attending school, participating in sports, camping, traveling, and loving stuffed animals. So how is it that unlike most children her age, she's already started up her own business? Aside from having the opportunity to finally put her plan into action, it is no doubt in part thanks to parents that decided to help her make her dream a reality. It was natural that Capriana would eventually want to be behind the camera rather than in front of the camera. And her ability to focus on an idea and want to put it into action was also the next step in the process. Her parents have been hosts for foreign exchange students. Most recently, hosting Ginevra was an excellent experience for Capriana to step back from being an only child to being a younger sister. The Zamora's have, for years hosted a variety of young people in their home. A couple of them were there preparing to join the military. They have learned along the way that the best way to achieve success is to set up people for success. They have had great success as mentors in the community. So mentoring their own child seemed to be an obvious next step for them.

Family Easter Portrait

Joe, Bree, and Capriana enjoyed some great times while Ginevra stayed with them. Ginevra was a foreign exchange student from Rome, Italy. She had a lot of shyness and social awkwardness to work through when she first arrived. The family also includes their dog Wookie pictured here, plus Chip the Amazing Cat-Dog, Heidi, Lucky, and Dobby.

Firehouse Dog Fred commercial photo shoot

Win - Win

When Capriana WINS everyone WINS

So like with all business opportunities, what everyone wants to know is WHAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE!

Capriana's been given an excellent opportunity to make her idea a real business. Her goal is to pay this forward by offering new, start up, or small businesses an opportunity to get the most bang possible with their often limited advertising budget. New business owners often have a great idea for their new business but often by the time they finish stocking merchandise, hiring help, renting space, paying for licenses and other fees, the cookie jar is very low on funds. Hiring a professional, experienced, mature photographer might be several months away. By contracting Capriana's services she is able to provide professional high quality images of your products so that they can be incorporated into your social media and other advertising media. As she is mentored by the highly successful photography team of Zamora Photography, the client will continue to get great service and images that will appeal to your customers. It's the perfect opportunity to set your new business up for success.

Weaponize Nutrition commercial photo shoot by Capriana

Join our TEAM

Capriana is already having success in her new venture. Her success is also a success for FIREHOUSE DOG FRED and WEAPONIZE NUTRITION. In the weeks to come we will feature these companies in a blog. Also, we will feature a new client, Coup by Kai.

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We invite anyone that is ready to take the next step up on the road to success to contact us about how we can help you with your commercial media needs.